Momart Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the Sassi of Matera, set in a space-cave in which limestone rock is chromatically alternated with a more contemporary exhibition white cube. This aesthetic dichotomy of spaces is reflected in the gallery’s goals: to create a bridge by remembering the past and living in the present, to accommodate what is now a contemporary sign.

Momart Gallery is a creative place committed to the exchange and pursuit of experimentation and dissemination of contemporary visual arts. It is now a stage for cutting-edge exhibitions by Italian and international artists, emerging and established.

Its constant interaction with the contemporary art scene has enabled the gallery to be included in Mibact’s Places of the Contemporary.

The space consists of a hall articulated in a single room carved out of tuff suitable for the organization of educational events, workshops, educational laboratories, meetings and round tables, private events with customized arrangements and exhibitions. MOMART offers curatorial consultancy with critical presentation text and communication campaign, for emerging and non-emerging artists.

The space is equipped with a bar area available to visitors, an outdoor rest and refreshment area, and a bookshop for the sale of merchandising items, printed guides, publications, lithographs.

  • Exhibition space/meeting room/open space of 90 sq m with 60 seats (equipped with tables and chairs)
  • Food court and services of sq. m. 40.00
  • Book shop of 20.00 sq. m.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Video projector and sound system
  • Accommodation at I Tre Portali