Antonio Teora

Antonio Teora was born in Venosa, in the province of Potenza, in 1999.


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts inFoggia in 2023 with highest honors, he has always demonstrated a strong interest in painting.He conducted an experimental thesis on the theme of Installations in public space, with supervisor Pino Valente (BiancoValente).

Already at a very young age he began working on his first canvases, which he exhibited for the first time ever in 2019 on the occasion of the group exhibition “I mille di Sgarbi” I° Edition at the Magazzini del sale in Cervia (RA). The exhibition,promoted by the association Lo Stato dell’arte, is followed by two other projects, which take place in 2021. The first is a collaboration with Looking For Art Milano, a company that disseminates contemporary artonline and offers communication and consulting services. Teora then begins a fruitful partnership with the Florentine Onart Gallery. Located in Via della Pergola, the exhibition space presents “Voice of the Body,” an exhibition that projects Antonio Teora within the world of private galleries.In 2022 it is the turn of the second collaboration with the Onart Gallery, as part of the collective “People”.The turning point comes in 2023, the year in which Antonio Teora takes part in important initiatives at the national level.In February he is selected by the jury of the contest “Focus on painting: young Italian painting,” organized by YAG/Garage in Pescara. The curator and director of the Abruzzo gallery,Ivan D’Alberto,allows Teora to confront himself with artists from all over Italy and offers him a privileged space toexpose the three key works of his pictorial investigation. Pescara-based Segno Magazine,Exibart, Artribune and Juliet Art Magazine write about Antonio Teora.

Following the successful exhibition in Pescara, Antonio Teora also exhibited in Basilicata, during the prestigiouscollective exhibition “Mediterrean Art Prize – 3rd edition – Re-form, sponsored by the Soprintendenza archeologica,belle arti e paesaggio della Basilicata. Among the many projects he began working on in the current year are installations and video works, which broaden perspectives on a current research, focused on the condition of man in a society with an uncertain future.At the end of 2023, Teora has the honor of exhibiting at the prestigious Studio Zecchillo former Studio Piero Manzoni inMilan. “Xeno,” the title of the exhibition, is the Lucanian artist’s first solo show in Milan,as well as his first collaboration with curator Francesco Pozzi, author for Segno and Exibart. The Milanese exhibition took place in the exhibition space of Via Fiori Chiari 16, in the heart of Brera, between Nov. 9 and 24, 2023.After Xeno, Antonio Teora attended the Historical Archive and Atelier of Alberto Biasi in Padua. This experience allows the artist to delve into the work and poetics of Biasi and Gruppo N, one of the most important post-World War II art movements in Italy.