Rossella Barbante

Rossella Barbante (1994) is a visual artist who work and live in Italy.


Rossella Barbante studied at Brera’s Academy of fine arts, in Milan, Italy. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate coursework by delving into the complex topic of the Anthropocene. This experience has provided her with a unique perspective on how humans have impacted nature in a detrimental way.

Her work has also been enriched by foreign experiences such as the art residency at the Academy of Cluj Napoca, has been exhibited nationally and internationally thanks to the collaboration with galleries such as the Westend Galerie in Frankfurt, Lorenzelli Arte, Museo Diocesano in Milan, Mudima Foundation, Paratissima and many others.

If, in the initial phase of his research, the landscape was mainly a means of internal investigation – a refuge, a meeting point between the external world and the internal world – now it takes on a more dramatic meaning. Attention is paid to the new geological era, the Anthropocene, wherein man is no longer a detached observer, but rather often intervenes in harmful and irreparable ways in nature.